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Season III Episode XXIV “A dAngerous gAme” 

 Welcome back everyone! Tonight will, indeed, be a wild ride so pick up all your rusty shovels and dump them in the forest because who knows who will be the guilty ones by the end of the night?! First, a quick recap: Spencer’s gone over to the dark side because, well, I don’t know why but whatever. Hanna and Emily did some stuff but I honestly can’t remember what. And sweet little Aria tried and failed to break up with sweet, naïve, Ezra.

Anyway, Spencer’s back and spitting out old lines like ‘Hope breeds eternal misery’. She is looking beyond fabulous like way better than she has even before she turned into a walking, talking freakshow. Maybe the A Team just makes you look more gorgeous. So the Hastings have decided to throw a party to welcome back Spencer and the girls agree to go while Spencer looks out the window solemnly.

A’s doing some naughty stuff in the lair when Mona walks in and makes some coffee. She says to the unknown A figure that they like his or her plan and that the girls will finally get what they deserve.

Cue the creepy theme song.

Babysitting posters are up around school and the girls are talking about how Malcolm was stolen by Mona. Spencer, who we all really believe stole him, tries to defend her new BFF. Hanna goes on to Emily about how much she would love the position of babysitter and how it could help them find out who A really is. However, if you recall from season one, Hanna said that she had fear of kids…Anyway, the girls walk inside to see Shana standing there. Emily belts out a hello while Hanna glares at her, angry that she can’t penetrate Shana’s Potential Lesbian Lovers forcefield. Shana does, however, take interest in Spencer and c’mon how can you blame her? Spencer’s looking fan-fucking-tabulous.

Shana leaves and the girls start to discuss what might make Hanna so unappealing to her. I mean, all of the other lezzies up in Rosewood have all got a thing for the Marinator…yes, even you Emily.

Aria slams her locker shut and turns just in time to see Ezra shaking hands with some old extras. He says goodbye to them and walks up to her, smiling with that boyish smile. Aria interrogates him about his latest interview but Ezra adamantly says that it might not work out. Aria’s like alrighty then and walks off screen to allow Ezra to get his own close up.

We arrive at the Cavanaugh house to find that the steps are littered with paper and the mailbox is overflowing. The plants are also overgrown, making us wonder if Jenna and Toby really do have parents or if it’s just one of Rosewood’s many mysteries. Inside, Jenna is unpacking after her trip to the island of no return where she spent time with Mike, Holden, Sean, and Samara. She’s talking harshly to someone on the phone while a figure from the A Team walks up to the doorstep and presses their face against the glass. Jenna, ignoring the intruder all together, keeps talking. The A Team member sends a text to Jenna, telling her to meet them at 9 o’ clock that night. Jenna receives the message and quickly hangs up the phone before shoving her own face against the glass. Unfortunately, her stalker is nowhere to be found.

Commercial break!

Bam! We’re back with Byron the Terrible informing us that Ezra has been offered a job at Rosewood High. He seems somewhat perturbed by this and encourages Aria to end the relationship.

Hanna and Ezra are meeting over coffee and Hanna’s cracking jokes like they’ve known each other forever and you can tell Ezra is out of his comfort zone because he usually only interacts with Aria and his various family members. Anyway, Ezra decides to give Hanna the job despite her terrible interview and obvious lack of responsibility. But hey, can’t be worse than Aria, right?

Jenna hops out of her car and walks to that bench she walked to in Season 2. Someone is sitting on the other side…who is it? Shana! My heart skips with joy because I think they make a cute albeit strange couple. Anyway, some important information is shared her: Jenna’s eyes are starting to get worse again and Jenna informs Shana that the girls will all be together on Friday and her mission is clear. They are kinda cute together and hold hands and promise to be together forever pretty much.

Ezra and Aria meet on the streets of Rosewood. Aria starts crying again for whatever reason. She then goes onto say that nothing about them is right anymore. I don’t know if its the camera position or if Ezra got a really bad haircut, but he isn’t looking so good right now. Aria’s desperately trying to decide if she wants to break up with Ezra and eventually tells him to take the job. She goes up to leave but he grabs her hand and tells her he loves her. Aria walks away crying and it is oh so Nicholas Sparky.

An A Team member is sitting in the diner and waiting for ‘pretty eyes’ to appear. Toby’s back like we didn’t know that. But anyway, he’s going to meet whoever the other A team member is. This is becoming somewhat cliché. Anyway…

Commercial Break!

We’re back with Toby sitting down across from Spencer. Toby’s like OMG but Spencer just barrels on and gets mad at him for pretending to be dead. He’s like I did it for you baby and Spencer goes on to reveal that Toby was going to be her reward for delivering the girls. She also reveals that she kidnapped Malcolm. Toby lets us know he was pretending to work with Mona to keep her safe and this is just so cliché I would have been happier if he died like what is this.

Hanna is watching Bugs Bunny with Malcolm until he shuts it off and Hanna starts playing guess who with the boy. She scrolls past pictures if Melissa pre haircut, Ke$ha, Toby, and Aria. Hanna gives up and hands him her phone so she can use the one on the counter…okay.

Emily’s running down the streets of Rosewood while Melissa is knocking on Jenna’s door. Somebody answers and Melissa enters. Shana, Jenna, and Melissa are talking about bitches and making plans while Emily presses her face up against the glass.

Toby and Spencer are in some motel and Spencer is looking gorgeous still. She ignores the coffee he gives her and lectures him again about how much of a shitty boyfriend he is. Toby tries to mask his puppy tears and she quickly forgives him as they cry together. They pull in for a kiss and all is well in Spoby land. The fangirls are screaming and the trumpets are blaring!

Hanna’s going on about how fat she was when Malcolm tells her that Spencer is ‘Alison’ as a photo pops up from an unknown sender…

Commercial Break!

Aria, Hanna, and Emily are having a meeting in Hanna’s kitchen about how Spencer is totally working for the bad guys. Anyway, an A Team member is watching from outside and I guess Hanna’s windows aren’t that solid because you can seriously hear everything. The girls still want to believe that Spencer is on their side so they come up with an elaborate plan but Hanna thinks fast and blares up the volume on the radio just so The A Team outside will never hear…

Lana Del Rey! Except she really doesn’t fit in with this scene to me but whatever. Toby and Spencer are about to have some banging makeup sex and they continue to make out even after so yeah oh and then they play with each others hands before falling asleep together as the Motel sign shines outside.

Aww that song from forever ago is playing and it is like a recreation of the church season from season 1 as Aria stares out a window and Ezra walks up the stairs. Aria and Ezra have finally reached the decision that they are moving on. She kisses him on the cheek and says goodbye. However, he pulls for her arm and they continue making out before she strokes his cheek and leaves for what might but probably is not the last time. Aw, how sad.

We’re at a swim meet which is obviously Rosewood’s most popular sport. Spencer’s walking inside and sees a red hooded figure. She moves her long legs as fast as possible, letting red coat only be a few strides ahead. When she enters the courtyard, everyone is dressed in red, leaving her target nearly impossible to locate. Spencer runs back inside and follows the target again to the only girls bathroom in Rosewood. Hanna turns around and Emily and Aria jump out of the stalls, all claiming that Spencer must still be one of them.

Commercial Break!

The girls back Spencer into a corner and she spills the beans. Spencer’s like Toby’s alive and Emily gets just the cutest little smile while Hanna has on her poker face. The girls then plan for the big day tomorrow.

Ezra’s teaching and Spencer’s wearing a silly hat. He kinda gives Aria this glare and she looks like she’s about to burst into tears.

The girls gather in Hanna’s kitchen while A video tapes them from outside. They leave for the lake house and Mona, Toby, and Spencer wait inside. Mona ignores their quick make out session before going on about red coat girl. The girls somehow made a quick change and walk around the outside the lake house. Red coats an expert in plane flying and is given the clear by Mona to land who’s an expert in plane landing.

Aria, Hanna, and Emily sneak in through a window and watch over the banister, as Toby takes Spencer away to kill her. Mona laughs as Spencer is taken out, not realizing Toby has betrayed her.

A door is locked and Hanna shows up just in time to frighten and corner Mona with the other girls except Spencer. Does anyone feel this is somewhat like a certain part in the books…anyway.

Commercial Break!

Mona yells about how much of a terrible mistake is happening as the plane starts to land. Someone with a flashlight is walking around and Toby runs off. Someone else is setting fire to the cabin but whatever, no big deal.

They start working together with Mona and all of them look for an exit. Then Mona drops the bomb: she didn’t know who redcoat was either.

Spencer keeps on walking towards the plane and sees the figure of red coat.She starts to follow, a few more steps behind than she should be. She then ends up losing the trail while Toby follows flashlight figure who turns around to be…we don’t find out because Toby is knocked to the ground, a lighter left right beside him.

Redcoat pulls the girls out of the house and Hanna awakens to see Ali standing over her. Damn this shit cray.

Spencer gives up the trail which she shouldn’t have done and runs back to the fire. Mona is like I saw Alison and the other girls look at her like she’s crazy except for Hanna and then Spencer shows up and is like Ali is red coat and that’s kinda disappointing to be honest. Anyway, Toby awakens to the lighter beside him and fumbles with it for a minute.

Emily is driving all the girls and Mona home. Mona starts saying that she was at the cemetery the night Emily was drugged. The girls pull up to see Wilden’s car revived from car death. The video of Hanna’s mom is playing on a laptop inside. The girls stare at it and then see a later video of Jenna and Shana taking Wilden’s body into their car. Spencer and Mona move to the back of the trunk, all receiving texts from A

You’re mine now. Kisses – A.

Yay! Mona’s with them now! Spencer opens the trunk to find….

Cameraman A watches as Ali’s hand pulls up from the dirt and is soon met by another. Someone helped Ali up.

June 11th guys! Okay so it wasn’t as cliché as I thought it would be so yay. Still, the episode wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. I’m really looking forward to Aria’s storyline again and Mona’s. So I will still be reblogging on this page and will start posting recaps again on June 11th! Save the date!! Love you guys so much, thank you for reading, and….

Tune in June 11th for a whole new recap, bitches!

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Aria Fitz en -


Aria Fitz en -

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Season III Episode XXIII “I’m Your Puppet” 

 Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Ashley ditched the group because she already couldn’t handle the crazy shit going around, Wilden rose from the dead, Spencer was still in the loony bin, Emily was doing something not very important, Hanna was pushing cars all over town, and Aria was also doing something not important enough for me to remember.

We return this week with the girls crowding around a depressed looking Spencer. After some awkward tension, Hanna announces that a body has been found and that it was of a camper. Spencer rolls her eyes and adamantly denies this because she wants to be boring and depressing for at least one more episode. Hanna can’t handle this so she decides to start yelling across the table about how Spencer’s just a bum nowadays and the show would be better off without her. However, Spencer ignores this and decides to enlighten the girls that the bars on her windows keep crazy bitches out which is an obvious lie because Toby and Mona managed to get in on a regular basis.

Spencer stomps into her room and starts fluffing her pillow while that nurse from way back when asks if she wants to see the other liars off. Spencer shakes her head and falls back onto her bed in order to stare at the ceiling and provide us with a close up of her under eye circles.

Cue the creepy theme song.

Hanna has taken up residence in the Field’s household and has managed to dump all her clothes out on the floor in the span of two seconds. As Hanna exits, Pam enters and starts arguing with Emily over plot details but really this whole conversation is to show how strained their relationship is at the moment.

Aria and Ezra are sharing a pastry and gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, trying to find ideas for new novels to write when Aria presents the idea that maybe the two shouldn’t be seen together. Ezra, for once and most likely only this once, is wearing the pants is this relationship and extends a comforting hand to Aria, telling her that it doesn’t matter who sees them together anymore. The sugary sweet moment is interrupted by Maggie who calls Ezra, asking for him to pick up Malcolm (Mini Caleb) after karate. Ezra starts complaining about how he has a job interview and Aria’s like well you shoulda thought about that 7 years ago when you were creating him in your dorm room. However, Aria volunteers to pick the little tike up anyway and Ezra happily agrees.

Caleb’s back except they replaced his head with a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Shine Shampoo. Anyway, Hanna listens intently while the little cap of the bottle where his mouth used to be moves back and forth, exclaiming how amazing his dad is and how they should all go to dinner. Hanna says okay because she’s too distracted by the thought of a fantastically hott English doctor. Caleb’s shampoo head leans in for a kiss and Ella comes along just in time to awkwardly stare at them making out for as long as possible.

Emily has been texting Shana while Paige is out of town and nobody cares. Anyway, Aria, Emily, and Hanna walk down the hall and discuss how their friend is a complete psycho. Aria says something that stimulates Emily’s thinking cap. She quickly hatches a plan to re-enter the morgue in the Rosewood Hospital and take a picture of the dead body that she is convinced isn’t Toby.

Damn that hott ass nurse is back and then hott fucking damn Wren Kingston arrives being a douche to the nurse but still looking sexy. More than ever my A radar for him is going off like crazy. Spencer talks to him for a little bit but he insists that he’ll only bang her once she gets rid of those nasty under eye circles.

Ella calls Hanna into class and tells her that she’s been trying to reach Hanna’s mom. Ella then announces that she’s joined the church reconstruction board and that she suspects Caleb’s dad of stealing one giant ass 8,000 dollar bell and putting a cheap one in instead.

Spencer’s looking at the Marauder’s Map and then at the piano and then back at the Marauder’s Map. Apparently there are no other patients in Radley today so Spencer takes a tour of the whole hospital whilst holding her gift from the Weasley twins. She ends up in front of a window and stares at the lock. She drops her map to the floor and pulls at the lock, opening the window and revealing an unguarded point of access.

Commercial Break!

Hanna, Caleb, and the Hunchback of Rosewood are eating dinner when the Hunchback hands Hanna an angel necklace. He excuses himself in order to answer a phone call and Hanna looks out the window sadly.

Back at Radley, Veronica is getting yelled at a very harassed looking Spencer. Through tears, Veronica asks what happened between Spencer and Toby. Then she’s like ya know one day Ali was once a crazy freak like you. Spencer raises her eyebrow at this and the girls fall into the pensieve.

Flashback time! Alison arrives into the Hasting’s kitchen. Veronica is looking gorgeous and sees Ali with a bleeding lip and tears in her eyes. Ali asks Veronica not to snitch and Veronica gives her a big hug. Alison soon recovers and pounces up the stairs.

Unflashback! Veronica starts asking Spencer the hard hitting questions and gets it right on the head: Is Toby not the person we all thought he was?

Hunchback comes back and admits that he was just fired. Caleb is like whaddafuck daddy? But Hanna just looks the other way.

It’s bedtime in Radley but one patient isn’t asleep. Spencer breaks out the Marauders Map again and finds a little star marked with ‘Confusing Plot Details’ beside it.

Hanna, Aria, and Emily put on those outdated nurse outfits again and I guess they forgot that the hospital has cameras but anyway, Hanna and Emily walk into the morgue and start opening body bags cause apparently more people die in Rosewood than we previously thought which must mean their seasonal body count is up in 300s. Hanna starts making comparisons to her tan lines and death while Emily starts to pull the zipper on one back.

Aria’s waiting outside and investigating when she sees a red coated figure exit the elevator. Red coat soon leaves before her face can be seen and Aria texts the girls to get the hell out of there.

Commercial break!

Hott nurse is back and revealing the dish on Wren. He indirectly pretty much says Wren was letting people into the hospital. Then I zone out for a second cause I was mind boning him but I snap back into reality just in time to see Spencer shoving pills under her pillow.

Hanna’s doing homework for perhaps the first time ever. Caleb starts complaining again and Hanna’s like yo I could be fuckin a hott A Team doctor right now so listen to me when I say that your dad’s a lying no good thief. Caleb kinda looks off in a daze and the school bell rings.

Aria arrives to pick Malcolm up from karate but apparently he was already checked out…by her. Instead of calling the cops right then and there, she decides to wander over to his locker and find a poster for some kind of freak puppet show with an ‘A’ circled. We switch to some bitch of an A Team member stealing Malcolm’s popcorn as he laughs at creepy dead body mannequins on stage.

Commercial Break!

We’re back with Aria running around that carnival that I’m pretty sure was the same one Spencer and Toby publicly kissed at but anyway…She runs into Ella but pushes her out of the way like last season’s bone necklaces and chases after an A figure in the distance.

Hott nurse and Hott Wren are arguing over some stuff and it’s so painfully obvious they are trying to make my English babydaddy evil but who cares? He’s fucking hott.

Hunchback arrives at the Marin household and Caleb gives him hell for being the bellringer(then stealer) of Rosewood. Caleb then starts to cry and scream and Hunchback calmly retorts and exits, slamming the door in his face.

Aria’s seriously asking if she should call the police while the cameraman is obviously on one of those spinny circle rides. Somehow Aria comes to the realization that he must be in an abandoned tent so she walks in there to find the little tike sitting and waiting for the next show. Malcolm is like it’s okay bitch Ali picked me up it’s all good. Aria widens her eyes even more than they already were and pulls the boy out of the tent.

Commercial break!

Emily walks into the police station just as Aria sends a text telling her to relax. Pam arrives just in time to show her the box of missing person’s files she’s holding and sneers at her to go home.

Spencer’s walking down the hall and feeling a cold breeze pass while Mona hums sweet nothings around the Sanitarium. Just kidding, it’s Ali! Ali decided to pay a visit to the old infant part of the sanitarium. Ali pulls Spencer in for a slow dance while Spencer inquires about Toby. She’s then like girls fight much dirtier than boys Spence before motioning to her chin and saying it was lucky a scar wasn’t left. Spencer stops dancing and walks toward an old toy horse. She pulls off the head and picks up all of Mona’s credentials as well as a pass for CeCe Drake…authorized by Wren. Speak of the devil, Wren arrives and asks her what she’s doing.

Ezra is congratulating Aria for doing such a great job with his son. Aria then widens her eyes even wider than before and says that she can’t do this anymore…this being their relationship. Ezra tries to convince her to stay and kinda ignores that she dumped him but whatever. Aria takes her coat and leaves.

Spencer shows the pass to Wren but Wren explains that CeCe called him and was desperate to see Mona. Apparently Ali got CeCe got kicked out of school and CeCe thought she could be a role model for Mona. How did she know she was in Radley? Melissa called her…

Pam sits Emily down in her cute little bay window and delivers the news that another body was found. I feel like Pam is just one of those unlucky joggers that finds bodies all the time like damn she always be telling everybody someone’s dead.Take that statement and remember how there’s a seasonal body count of about 300 in Rosewood…at least the girl is getting her exercise…Anyway, this body could totally be Toby and Emily has become so numb to hearing that her friends and lovers have died that she just resorts to a three second sad face out the window act as the screen fades to black.

Commercial break!

We’re back with the fair being packed up and Caleb and Hanna watching the scene from afar. They make some sweet talk and such before the bells of Rosewood start ringing. Right on cue, a text from A appears on her phone:

“Hear that? It’s the sound of your mistake.When you want the bell, back give me a ring. - A”

Caleb sees the text and literally freezes onscreen.

Flash forward a couple hours and Aria and Hanna are sitting in someone’s house and discussing how shitty A makes them feel. Emily practically breaks the door down and announces that Toby is dead.

Spencer’s in her room and pulling shit out of her pillow. She then pulls a nice fitting black sweatshirt out and looks down at two tickets for Fauth. Spencer is in the A Team and she is not going back…

Cameraman A watches as a new morgue dude pushes in a body that has Toby’s tattoo on the side although it looks somewhat faded.

Well damn, next week is the spring finale. I thought this episode was okay and I can’t lie that I was actually pretty worried about little Malcolm but if ABC Family’s worst swear word is Bitch, then you can’t really expect them to be hanging little boys from church bells or anything. Oh, before I forget, this weeks War of Witty Phrases goes to Ali and every word she says because it’s riddled with double meanings and awesomeness. Anyway, I can’t wait to recap next week for you! See ya then and I hope you enjoyed tonight’s recap!

Tune in next week for a whole new recap, bitches!

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PLL is todAy.


PLL is todAy.

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Season III Episode XXII “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?” 

 Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer went bat shit crazy after seeing Probably Not Dead Toby’s body, Ashley became a Pretty Little Liar as well, Aria and Ezra continued to put us all to sleep with a lame story line, and Hanna and Emily did some stuff.

We start this week with Mona’s pouty pout watching the liars discuss Spencer’s absence in a compact mirror. Some random dude and Melissa walk up to the girls and announce that Spencer has been missing. It seems kinda weird that Spencer could get committed without her parents being notified but whatever.

Spencer’s decided to play with Mona’s cards and talks to the nurse about her Jane Doe name. The nurse seems like a pretty chill dude and he’s kinda cute so maybe Spence will hookup with yet another medical practitioner before the season finale. Anyway, she goes back to playing cards while allowing the cameraman to zoom in as she whispers “Radley”

Cue the creepy theme song.

We’re back with the school bell ringing and the girls exit through the front door. Apparently Hanna is trying out Aria’s old goth outfits with a lacy black shirt and one heck of an unforgiving skirt. The camera switches to Spencer briefly before switching again to Ashley and Hanna who are eating carrot sticks and talking about the missing Detective Wilden. Pastor Ted has called about a coffee date later which Hanna agrees to for her mother.

Aria cleverly checked out the bookstore for a snooping Spencer before running over to Ezra’s whose taken up arithmetic for some unknown reason. Somehow being a ghost writer relates to arithmetic in some way…Anyway, Aria and Ezra discuss how boring their storyline is and how awesome it would be if his brother would come back to stir some drama up…and how amazingly sexy Dr.Wren Kingston is…just saying.

Back at Radley, Spencer is playing piano for the other unappreciative guests to hear when I think Veronica arrives but it isn’t Veronica…it’s that psych lady. Spencer does another whisper closeup again before the cameraman switches to Hanna.

Hanna is being thanked by Pastor Ted for hooking him up with Caleb’s dad when Wilden arrives on the scene. Ashley and Hanna widen their eyes and pinch his cheeks just to make sure he isn’t some sort of spirit or ghost. Ignoring them, he makes some cryptic comments about going fishing to Pastor Ted before walking away, leaving us to gaze at the sign outside of the church:

“Commit a crime and the world is made of glass.” dun.dun.dun

Commercial Break!

Psych lady is asking Spencer all these questions and Spencer replies with the fact that it has been a very joyous time at Radley Sanitarium. She then announces that Toby is dead and Psych lady barely raises an eyebrow before asking more questions. Spencer agrees when Psych lady goes to call her parents and then she makes yet another whisper comment at the end of her scene.

So I guess Byron the Terrible is totally over Ezra having sexy time with his daughter because he’s now talking with her about little mini me kid. Aria blazes right over this and flat out asks him if Ezra can have a job.

Melissa’s rocking the mom hairdo still and trying to understand why Spencer’s gone to the loony bin. Melissa then goes onto discuss how Spencer is an unwell being and then Spencer sorta whispers the last sentence again.

Emily gathered the others at the Brew and tells them that Spencer is at Radley. Their discussion is interrupted with A sending Hanna a picture of Wilden’s car’s video tape.

Spencer’s talking to that nurse again and taking her meds. She glances at his tag which reads E.Lamb and Spencer comes to some sort of revelation but I can barely remember what I had for lunch today so I sure as hell can’t remember the connection to last week’s episode.

Commercial Break!

Bam! We’re back with Hanna telling Ashley (the newest pll member) about how Spencer ended up in Radley. Ashley’s like this whole situation with Spencer doesn’t have anything to do with me but whatever I’m canceling my seminar anyway. Hanna eventually convinces her to stop but only by promising to move in with Emily…who I still thought was living with them…

Anyway, Dr.Sullivan is approached by Emily and Sullivan breaks all the codes of ethics or whatever and pretty much tells Emily all thats going on in Spencer’s little noggin.

Byron and Ella are talking and I am reminded we haven’t seen Ella’s boyfriend in awhile. Okay so Byron’s like maybe I should help him out but only for evil purposes such as stabilizing his family life therefore killing our daughter’s happiness…muhahahaha.

Spencer adamantly denies that Toby is not dead but Sullivan continues to try and make her believe. Spencer asks to see the other girls but she heartbreakingly can’t. Instead, she tells the Doctor to tell them all that she misses them. She then stares at that hot chocolate mocha sexiness of a nurse for a while.

Emily runs into that girl that once dated Paige and then we’re introduced to Missy Franklin and that’s cool and all but what is she doing there…?

Spencer’s talking to the nurse while he fixes her bandages and reassures her that she’s not crazy. Then he lets her know on the dl that the old badges had some trouble and had to be changed before switching to the conversation topic of pudding which is evidently available in all of Rosewood’s finest hospitals.

Hanna and Aria are talking about Hanna moving to New York for a while and that’s pretty much it…

Anyway, Missy Franklin decided to peace out cause she’s too smart to stay in Rosewood for more than two hours otherwise she’ll be getting text from an anonymous murderer and leaving fingerprints on rusty shovels in the Forbidden Forest. Then Emily flirts with Paige’s ex for a while before getting ditched by her too.

Spencer reveals to the nurse that Toby stole his badge and he tells her that the visitor badges had a problem and someone on the inside was manipulating him…and you know where my mind goes? Fucking sexy ass Dr.Wren Kingston…fuck. Spencer moves a lamp and sees ‘will the circle be unbroken?’ written on the desk.

Flashback! We’re in church and Spencer and Ali are laughing at Mona who’s getting jiggy with the beat. They exit and discuss Ali’s diary writings and how Spencer can only read them after Ali’s dead.

Commercial Break!

Ezra and Byron are sitting in a very dark apartment. I know Ezra’s supposed to be poor and all but if he is then how can he afford those plush leather couches? Anyway, Ezra stares as Byron the Terrible sips on his coffee. Apparently Byron talked to the dean but there are no open positions at Hollis. However, he is still game to help Ezra.

Spencer’s playing the piano again while hot nurse dude walks up and they start discussing Toby. However, the conversation is shut down when two official looking people approach the front desk.

Hanna,Emily, and Aria are gathered together in Rosewood High’s only bathroom and discussing how Spencer’s a weakling. A preppy looking Mona approaches the mirror before asking about the fourth musketeer. Aria decides to hiss out some terribly awesome things in Mona’s spit covered face. However, just as her rant ends, Aria is called to the office.

Commercial break!

Aria’s sitting across from the principal I guess and somehow has figured out that Aria’s been banging Ezra. He asks her if she’s still in social contact with him but Aria denies that adamantly just to get her babe a job.

Spencer’s huddled on a couch in Radley when Mona approaches bringing a red tin box.

Ashley’s seeing Pastor Ted again and they are discussing her future in New York. Ted admits he would miss Ashley too much and then asks if there are any other reasons for her to want to leave Rosewood aka Wilden. She denies anything and everything and we switch back to Spencer.

Mona brought some banging cookies but Spencer refuses. Spencer then inquires about Toby. Mona ignores that pretty much and drops the bomb that Ali was never pregnant before pulling out her iPad, filled with Ali’s diary pages. Spencer dashes away to the piano but Mona follows and makes a reference to a puzzle. Spencer threatens her and Mona pulls her head closer and says “ You’re not crazy, you’re as sane as I am.”

Commercial break!

Ashley is saying goodbye to Emily and Hanna and she looks really short right now. Anyway, they wave goodbye and see Wilden’s car drive up. He gets out of the car and the girls approach with caution. Wilden announces the idea that everyone’s lying to each other and Hanna’s like where have you been since episode one,bitch? Wilden then says all he wants is the keys to that car Hanna dumped at the bottom of the Rosewood River.

Spencer’s in group therapy with Dr.Sullivan and some other people. Spencer zones out for a second and then starts to talk about falling down in the woods and how she’d be good with dying there. She then starts handing out life’s questions left and right and then all the rest of the liars (Ashley excluded) appear. Spencer tells them they can’t count on her anymore but they all revert back to the original dressing gown clad residents of Radley.

Cameraman A watches a hooded figure close a laptop and then start driving a babydoll and Alison photo filled van…

Ohh! So the winner of this Week’s War of Witty Phrases is Aria for verbally bitch slapping Mona in the bathroom! You go boring storyline girl!

Another body is about to be found next week so that’ll be awesome. Anyway, it’s time for me to sign off so thank you for reading and I can’t wait to write for you all next week!

Tune in next week for a whole new recap, bitches!